The 'Charlie bit my finger' brothers just had the most excruciating interview on Today.

Ten years on from the now infamous ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video, the UK brothers behind it all have been forced to recreate their childhood for the seriously awkward pleasure of adults.

Appearing on Today alongside their dad, brothers Harry and Charlie fielded questions about their internet stardom with hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, talking about what it was like to grow up with the world knowing who they were. And for Harry, who is now in the midst of his teen years, it was evident that he would have preferred to have been absolutely anywhere else.

'charlie bit my finger' brothers
Behold: a teenager dying inside. Source: Channel 9.

When the hosts raised the topic of the profits made from the video - said to be approximately AU $1.7 million - Stefanovic asked if the boys knew about the money they had made.

"They're not fully aware of what is happening," their dad replied, explaining, "The money has been put aside to pay for schooling."

Listen: Lisa Wilkinson discusses what it's like to work with Karl Stefanovic. Post continues... 

Within seconds, Harry threw his dad a major side-eye glance, suggesting he isn't buying a word of what his father was saying.

"Harry, that was a sly grin that gave across your face," Stefanovic pointed out.

"Yeah," was all Harry would reply, because... well, teenagers, really.

Karl could not contain his joy.

Trying to spark up a friendship, the Today co-host continued, asking, "What do you want to do with yourself, Harry? I'd love to catch up with you after a couple of years to see where you're at after the viral video."

'charlie bit my finger' brothers
Recreating their iconic Youtube video moment 10 years later. Source: TODAY.

Ever the broody teen, though, Harry simply ignored the question and replied, "I think Charlie is happy to continue."

Finally, because global one-hit wonders are best experienced twice, the boys recreated their iconic video. And it was truly, truly, awkward.

Someone get this kid an iPhone and a hoodie to bury his face under, stat.