true crime

What it's like to be in confined spaces with the most monstrous people imaginable.

Charlie Bezzina has been in confined spaces with some of the most monstrous people imaginable. People who have committed crimes so terrible they would make your skin crawl.

The former Detective senior sergeant was one of Victoria’s most successful and longest-serving Homicide squad detectives.

So how did he do it, without losing self-control?

What was the first thing he always did on a crime scene?

And what is the one question he’d ask himself, every single time?

After his 17 years as part of the Victorian police homicide squad, Charlie Bezzina has a nose like a bloodhound. He tells Meshel Laurie how crime, and criminals, have gotten smarter in the last few decades, and why the police need the public’s help more than ever.

Australian True Crime is the podcast that goes beyond the headlines and talks to the people involved. Hosted by Meshel Laurie and crime writer Emily Webb, you can listen to the full episode here: