CULT BUY: The $7.99 tinted lip balm that's better than lipstick.

There are two types of women in this world. Women who don’t get lipstick, and women who feel like a pale-faced zombie without it.

But really, what’s not to love about a good lipstick? They’re bold, commanding and loads of fun, until, well, they aren’t.

Like when they get all over your teeth at the most inopportune of times. Or when they disappear on you after lunch. Or when they decide to slide off your face and refuse to be covered by concealer.

Let’s face it. Executing the perfect lip requires patience, precision and maintenance that, frankly, ain’t nobody got time for every day.

It’s on these days, when you need a hit of colour but really can’t be arsed, that we turn to the humble tinted lip balm. But don’t go for just any old tinted lip balm that walks in off the street. You need, nay, deserve the hardest working tinted lip balm we’ve ever met.

Allow us to introduce you to: ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint.

Now, chances are you and ChapStick have already met. In the bottom of your handbag or half melted in the console of your dad’s car.

But now, old mate ChapStick has been made over into a multitasking, bang for your buck tinted lip balm dream.

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So why is this particular tinted lip balm more worthy of your hard earned dosh than all the other tinted lip balms on the shelf?

Let us explain the reasons why…

A) It actually does what it says it does.

This might seem obvious, but when we fork over a tenner for a tinted lip balm, we expect it to, you know, tint our lips. While so many tinted lip balms – LITERALLY SO MANY – claim to wash your kisser with berry tones, this one actually does, rather than sell us a lie.

Coming in three different shades – Rose Petal (pink), Merlot (red) and Coral Blush (um, coral) – these ChapStick lip balms will indeed give your lips the hint of colour they promise.

One girl. Two ChapSticks. (P.S. left = pink, right = 'merlot') Image: Supplied.

B) They make your lips feel good.

Although some have a theory that lip balms are actually made to dry the crap out of your lips to keep us buying more tubes of the stuff - OK maybe just this writer - we can confirm these ChapStick tinted lip balms don't fall into that evil, evil category.

The reason why they make your lips feel so darn plump is because they're made with all the good things: shea butter, mango butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients we can't pronounce.


As for how the product feels on? Rather than making you feel like you're wearing a thick layer of goop on your face that leaves a funny taste in your mouth, these lip balms are thick enough to feel the goodness working, but not too slippy, and the colour will last you an hour or two, provided you don't lick or eat it off.

C) They smell nice.

Look, this is neither here or there, but we feel it's worth mentioning these lip balms 92 per cent smell like their colour.

D) They're 100 per cent natural and cruelty-free.

ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint lip balms are made only from natural ingredients like the ones mentioned above, and no fury friends are harmed for the sakes of our perfectly tinted lips.

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E) They're el cheapo.

Full priced, one of these sticks will set you back $7.99. But that's good value considering the product is pretty much a balm, stain and gloss all rolled into one tube small enough to conveniently fit into the tiniest of tiny purses.

So there you have it folks, your next tinted lip balm purchase is a no brainer. Just remember not to leave it in the hot glove box, OK?