Channing Tatum says sex is his "friend" in a VERY explicit chat about his love life.

Channing Tatum wants you to know he is “friends” with sex.

The guy is basically sex personified in the Magic Mike movies, and now he has gotten very real about his enthusiasm for the horizontal tango.

Tatum, 36, had a candid chat on Facebook Live with Cosmopolitan about his sex life with his wife of seven years Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Things got a little steamy.

“Me and sex are friends. We’re animals,” he said.

“It’s not a means. It’s something that enriches your life… it’s one of the clearest ways that we communicate, it boils things down to a very primal level.”

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Tatum said he and Dewan didn’t consider sex as a way “back into” happiness.

“That’s how we know there’s something we have to talk about, that we have to solve… whatever’s between us energetically, before we can sort of get down. For lack of a better term, we don’t hate-f–k each other. That’s just not what we do.”

Tatum went onto describe the kind of sex he and Dewan had.

Alright, alright, we’ll tell you, you bunch of sticky-beaks.

“Truly all different kinds,” he said, depending on their schedules and energy.

“Sometimes it’s, ‘Look, you gotta get this done, I gotta work’. That’s a real thing. To me, that’s us being completely open. Being like, ‘Look, I don’t have the energy’. Then you have full on, just completely, totally connected, otherworldly connections,” Tatum explained.

And that, folks, is what it’s like to get it on with Tatum. Out of this world. Because of course it is.

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Tatum also gave his thoughts on the porn culture in America.

“I think America’s a little repressed. It’s taboo but we like talking about it. We can’t talk about it very openly. So we do it in these weird places at home. The stuff on the internet is just wild. It’s out there and it’s what’s educating out youth and how to have sex, and that’s kind of scary… kind of demeaning. It’s a dominant type of porn that’s out there. I don’t think that’s very good.”