Channing Tatum went all Magic Mike in real life and we can't stop watching.

At a gas station in Statesville, Channing Tatum did a Facebook Live on Wednesday that has been veiwed almost 14 million times and has garnered over 100 thousand shares.

Tatum walks into the store looking for coffee before the cashier, Beatrice, asks the actor to come behind the counter.

When Beatrice asks Tatum why he is in town, he replies, “We’re actually driving around the country” to which Beatrice hilariously interrupts, “well why didn’t you tell me? I could have got my clothes together and rode with you!”

In another encounter, one customer does not recognise the movie star and asks the cashier who he is. Tatum replies, “Oh, I’m just this manager” whilst he sits on the chair behind the counter, “I just sit back here and enjoy the view.”

Half way through the six minute video, the Hollywood star spontaneously breaks into dance with Beatrice, who turns the background music up, and they both show off their Magic Mike moves.

Tatum captioned the video: “Nothin better than a little dance party. Thank you, Beatrice.”

Tatum is currently on a road trip promoting his new film “Logan Lucky”, in cinemas next Thursday, 17 August.