Twitter roasts Channel Nine over photo of their "sausage fest" commentary panel.

Because the world is as predictable as the sun is bright, Channel Nine have found themselves caught between – how do you say? – a sausage and a hard place.

Yes, Channel Nine – the company that found themselves in the centre of an equal pay furore last month – have once again been accused of not… quite… understanding… the concept of non-white men.

Who’d have thunk it?!

Unfortunately, the poor sods who chose the 2017 cricket commentary panel have only just realised they forgot to chuck a woman in there or someone who wasn’t white but it’s all good because they did remember to put them in varying suit colours.


Twitter, naturally, wasn’t having a bar of it.




Oh, Channel Nine, it’s okay. Women don’t know anything about sport! They don’t even know to play! It was a total and absolute fluke that Ellyse Perry scored a double-tonne last week.

A total fluke.

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