The awkward moment you accidentally drop a very, very rude word live on air.

Another day, another glorious newsreader slip-up.

Today’s live TV gaffe comes courtesy of Channel 7 Adelaide anchor Jessica Adamson.

It was Sunday night. The journalist had delivered a ‘coming up after the break’-type spiel when, just before the broadcast cleared for the first commercial, it happened.

Over the top of the outro music came a muttered but clearly audible F-bomb.

Watch the video below. Do really I need to say it? Okay. LANGUAGE WARNING.

It’s unclear what prompted Adamson’s chuckle-worthy little outburst, but there’s speculation that it may have had something to do with the fact that just seconds earlier she had said this:

“And the Big Ben cover-up: why its famous bongs are about to fall silent”.

Others have suggested it may be the result of a barely perceptible stumble before she said “Ahead on Seven News”.

"Ahead on Seven News..." a language warning. Image: Channel 7.

Regardless, let's hope she doesn't go the way of Natasha Exelby. The ABC newsreader has reportedly been demoted as a result of her Saturday evening blooper.

When the camera cut back to the casually employed journalist during the broadcast, she was caught playing with her pen.

Exelby's expression when she realised she was on air is sure to earn her a place in 'newsreader fails' compilation videos for years to come.