Viewers slam Channel 7's awkward closing ceremony coverage.

Channel 7’s coverage of the Rio Olympics closing ceremony has copped criticism from every angle this morning, with viewers voicing their disappointment at the cringe-worthy coverage on social media.

Johanna Griggs, Basil Zemplas, Andrew Gaze and Tamsyn Manou were front and centre of the coverage, with many taking aim at the fact they frequently veered off topic and talked over parts of the ceremony.

The chatty live broadcast seemed to be a little too much for many to handle for the early hours of a Monday morning.

One viewer took issue with the audio coming from Rio, writing on Twitter that the “sound is atrocious” despite “loving the visuals.”

Others directed their criticisms more specifically at the four commentators, with one calling their commentary “daft” and another requesting for them to “be quiet.”

Of particular note was criticisms directed at Gaze and Manou for going off on tangent about dabbing, a dance craze recently taking off that has little relevance to the ceremony itself or the Olympics as a whole.

And viewers made sure their disappointment was heard, with one viewer writing on Twitter he had never "been so ashamed being Australian" and another calling it both "low point" of the ceremony.

Another eloquently described the entire debacle as "hell freezing over."

Unfortunately for Channel 7, there will be little chance for the network to redeem themselves with Tokyo four long years away.