Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

How great’s diversity?

Channel Seven has unveiled its commentary team for AFL in 2017 and props to them – they’ve gone far, wide, above and beyond to ensure their panel is inclusive and diverse.

Take a look at the photo:

  • We have diversity in suit colour – blue and black (!!) to make sure not everyone looks you know, a bit same-same.
  • We have diversity in hair colour, which, in my opinion feels just a little bit like a disingenuous nod to red-heads, but you’ve got to start somewhere!
  • We have diversity in age, and facial hair, for anyone feeling like their age or moustache preferences aren’t represented in mainstream media enough.
  • We have diversity in tie colour.
  • We have a few different hand poses to change things up – some clasping together, others in pockets.

Admittedly, there are no women, but everyone knows women don’t know anything about footy anyway. It’s a man’s game, they don’t know how to play! Same deal with people that aren’t white.

Except, oops, women and people of colour do. And they can.

Where’s Sam Lane at? Or Daisy Pearce? Or Leila Gurruwiwi? Kelli Underwood?

Probably couldn’t get there. Because as we all know, women can’t drive either.

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