Millie & Jo: on their new eating habits.

Thanks to our brand partner, PURINA ONE

The second week of Jo and Millie’s PURINA ONE 21 Day Program has come to an end, with one more week remaining. Jo has been feeding Millie PURINA ONE exclusively for the past two weeks after transitioning her onto her new nutritious diet.

The second week of the program is all about a healthier digestion for your furry feline friend.  PURINA ONE has been carefully formulated by Purina’s nutritionists and vets, with real meat and other wholesome ingredients that provide high digestibility to make sure that your cat is getting the food they need to keep them healthy and well nourished.

Last week, Jo and Millie finished the first week of the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program, and saw signs of increased energy and vitality. Jo found that the usually shy and timid Millie was more playful, adventurous and had a keener sense of curiosity than before she started the program.

PURINA ONE could make a difference to your cat’s wellbeing program, and will help them build the six signs of health including body condition; skin, coat and eyes; immune system; bone and joint health; digestion and dental health.

What week of the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program are you in?

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