We have confirmation that Richie did not choose the wrong contestant.

Another day, another (potential) Bachelor spoiler.

Before we continue, let us just offer up a friendly reminder: NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ON THE BACHELOR BEFORE IT HAPPENS.


Alright, let’s go on.

Earlier this week, New Idea published a report that Richie was the new Blake Garvey. That is, they claims that he has ended up with the WRONG GIRL.


“Sources close to Richie have alleged that since choosing his lucky lady in the emotionally charged closer to the season, the handsome Bachelor has had a shocking change of heart,” the mag said.

“Distraught Richie has been unable to stop thinking about Nikki Grogan, believed to be the series’ runner-up. He’s confessed to close friends that he made a huge mistake and now knows she was The One.”

Is Nikki this year's Louise? Image via Channel Ten.

Except Channel 10 is totally “yeah, nah” about the rumours, issuing a statement dismissing the magazine’s report.

New Idea has consistently produced misleading, unsubstantiated and mischievous articles about The Bachelor Australia this year,” it read.

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“This latest ‘report’ is no different.”

Nikki has been a hot favourite to win the competition, and has even given away hints of her own during numerous interviews.

Even last year’s Bachelor winner, Snezana, thinks Nikki could earn herself a position in the top three (even though she originally pegged Alex for the win, but now says she might be “too intense”.)

With only two weeks left of the show to go, we don’t have to wait long to find out who becomes Richie’s dream girl.

And with reports that the paparazzi already know who the winner is, we’ll be having SERIOUS CHATS with anyone who tries to ruin the surprise for us. You’ve been warned.

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