What the celebrities wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards.

The CFDA Fashion Awards are here and the red carpet is filled with celebrities doing the splits, three whole Olsens and bunny rabbit shoes and more sparkle that a Kardashian closet.

Grab your popcorn.

1.Lena Dunham.

It’s like our favourite slippers hooked themselves up with a heel and escaped on Lena Dunham’s feet. Brilliant.

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2. Lauren Conrad

The slip, the oversized jacket, the dark lippie - so very '90s. Welcome back to red carpet dominance, Ms Conrad.

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3. Olivia Wilde.

The most stylish bump on the red carpet.

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4. The Olsens.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - there really are three. And they're smiling! Sort of...

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4. Alexa Chung.

Strikes the perfect balance between edgy and elegant. Dammit Alexa - how do you do it?

Image: iStock

5. Karlie Kloss.

The right way to do ruffles and bows.

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