The cheapo supermarket buys Bronwyn Mccahon says have given her the best skin of her life.

This wonderful nugget of beauty wisdom comes courtesy of Mamamia’s beauty show, You Beauty. For this week’s In Her Bag, Leigh Campbell rummaged through Bronwyn Mccahon’s beauty bag to find out which products she loves. 

Bronwyn Mccahon is a journalist and the former Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and Dolly magazines Australia. She’s also a mum-of-three, and the founder of Play Etc., a fun and ethical playwear label for girls and women that supports girls education through Room to Read.

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For two decades, Bronwyn Mccahon had access to the latest and greatest skincare and beauty products on the market.

As a former beauty editor and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and Dolly magazines Australia, she was the ultimate guinea pig, slathering on luxe serums and creams almost everyday.

Only, at the time, Bronwyn had the worst skin she’s ever had.

“When I was a beauty editor, I think I had the worst skin because every week I was trying new things and chopping and changing from different products and ingredients. My skin was freaking out,” the Play Etc. founder told Mamamia’s You Beauty podcast.

Now, the mum-of-three’s beauty routine consists of three products. Yep, three. She reckons they’ve given her the best skin of her life.

The best bit? You can find two of those three products on your supermarket shelves for under $20.

Mamamia’s executive editor and beauty editor of 15 years Leigh Campbell worked under Bronwyn at Cosmopolitan for eight years. This week, she went rummaging through her former boss’ beauty bag to find out which products she’s loving and using everyday.

Here’s what she found.

Bronwyn Mccahon’s go-to beauty products.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $15.49.


Why she loves it:


"When I was a beauty editor, I think I had the worst skin because every week I was trying new things and my skin was freaking out. So I went cold turkey on all these lush creams and went back to Cetaphil because mum used it. My skin cleared up because it needed a break from all the chopping and changing of different products and ingredients. It's a stock standard thing I've had good results from - it removes all my makeup and does everything."

Alpha-H Liquid Gold, $60.

Why she loves it:

"The first time I used it, my face fell off, but in a really good way... I've had my best skin ever, in my whole life, since using Liquid Gold. It's because it sloughs off all that dead skin, so all your pimples or anything trying to get through can, instead of getting trapped under dead skin."

Go-To Zincredible SPF15, $45

Why she loves it:

"I was a guinea pig for Zoe [Foster Blake's] Zincredible. What I love about Zincredible is it makes your skin glow, doesn't sit on like a sunscreen and isn't oily. I put it on after my moisturiser and my makeup sits on so much better. I never had that dewy skin, but Zincredible makes me glow in all the right places."

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream, $44.16.

Image: Adore Beauty.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturiser, $17.99.

Image: Chemist Warehouse.

Why she loves them:

"With children, you can't have too many [beauty] steps, they rob you of everything. Becoming a mother, [I've realised] before I had children, I used to spend 7am to 8am getting dressed... what did I do for an hour? I have fewer products now. I'll use Cetaphil Daily Moisturiser, or if it's winter or I'm feeling a bit dry, I'll add the Alpha-H moisturiser."

Revlon Super Length Mascara, $13.17.

Image: Priceline.

Why she loves it:

"Twice my favourite mascaras have been discontinued on me... so now I'm in limbo. I forgot to pack a mascara when I went away recently, so grabbed the Revlon one. It's super cheap and does the job."

Glossier Generation G Matte Lipstick, N/A in Australia.

Image: Glossier.

Why she loves it:

"What I like about Glossier Generation G Matte Lipsticks is they're almost like a lip balm. I don't like lipstick, I feel like when I put it on, it's like 'look mum, I'm dressing up', like I'm an imposter. They are quite matte and the colours aren't super punchy, they're a hint of colour that's a bit balmy. My other favourite lip balms are Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30 ($14.95) in a maroony pink, and Go-To Pinky Nudey Lips ($17)."

Nivea Body Moisturiser Irresistibly Smooth, $8.

Image: Woolworths.

Why she loves it:

"It's more convenient, it's at the supermarket and I'm already there [for food shopping]. I like the smell, it has a nice consistency and a nice sheen, and Irresistibly Smooth doesn't stick to your clothes. It's the perfect mix between not too light and not too heavy."

Loving Tan 2 HR Express Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Medium, $39.95.

Image: Loving Tan.

Why she loves it:

"Loving Tan is express, it's a coloured mousse and you apply it. You can leave it on for an hour or two, and you can get dressed straight away... I could literally put on a white dress and it wouldn't come off. I use Le Tan Self Tanning Drops ($13.99) or The Ordinary Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster ($39.95) for a face tan. I add the Le Tan drops to my moisturiser... or I put my moisturiser on first and add the drops on over the top."

Side note - St Tropez just launched a clear mousse, the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water Mousse Purity ($49.99), it's a cross between a gradual and a full tan. Smells a bit fake tan-y, but very inoffensive.

Bronwyn's Spendy: Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45, $83.

Image: Sephora.

Why she loves it:

"A lot of people compare this with It Cosmetics CC Cream... It Cosmetics was a bit too thick for me, but when you use Dr. Jart+, you get this really nice all-over light to medium coverage, but you don't feel like you've just applied something on your face. It's just enough to even your skin tone and it's really glowy. I now religiously and loyally re-purchase Dr Jart+."

Bronwyn's Savey: Rosehip Oil.

Why she loves it:

"I'm a real tart when it comes to the rosehip oil as long as it's 100 per cent cold pressed rosehip, I'll oscillate between the Essano Rosehip Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($17.49), Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($25.95) or The Ordinary 100 per cent Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil ($18.90). It never makes me breakout - since switching to Cetaphil, Liquid Gold and Rosehip Oil, I've had the best skin of my life. It's pretty affordable and low maintenance."

Do you use any of Bronwyn's favourite products? Tell us in the comments.

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