One of your favourite early '00s films is finally getting a sequel.

Calling all early 2000’s film lovers, we have some very important news.

Center Stage is finally getting a long overdue sequel.

And yes, members of the original cast members are back on board.

We know, we know, there’s “technically” already a sequel, but we try to pretend that follow up – that had none of the original characters (except Peter Gallagher) in it – ever happened.

In our minds, this is it.

The follow up, which is aptly named Center Stage: On Pointe (great use of timely slang and double meanings there, guys!) will see the return of American Ballet Academy director Jonathan Reeves (Peter Gallagher), principal dancer turned choreographer, Charlie (Sascha Radetsky), and great dancer but terrible boyfriend, Cooper Nielson (Ethan Stiefel).

Sandy Cohen Jonathan Reeves is back. And yes, that's Charlie at the back. Source: Lifetime.

Having been announced by Lifetime earlier this week, the synopsis goes something like this:

Jonathan is told once again that the Academy is in desperate need of freshening up. It needS some modernity, some fresh choreography, some people who aren't grey haired and former parents to Seth Cohen, damn it! So, naturally, he turns to his trusted protege dancer turned choreographer, Charlie.

From the little information that we have so far it sounds as though Charlie has possibly morphed into Cooper in the 16 years since we last saw him.

But this is good-guy-down-the-hall Charlie, so it's highly unlikely that he's gone so far as to do wild things like take a downtown dance class or have sex with students who also happen to still be teenagers.


There he is, the big old, creepy creep, Cooper Nielson. Source: Youtube.

Anyway, Jonathan apparently calls on Charlie to help him get hip and get with it, while probably-still-a-sex-pest-jerkface Cooper recruits dancers for whatever ~on point ~ recital they've schemed up, proving that literally all he's good for in life is finding amazing women and buggering off again.

Selected dancers are then sent off to a "competition camp" being held in the middle of nowhere to see who's got what it really takes.

Does anyone else think that this is starting to sound eerily similar to the start of many other B-grade slasher films, but with tutus?

Ooohh, it's modern. It's contemporary. It's red. Source: Lifetime.

And the prize for risking your life and future at said camp? A spot at the highly coveted Academy.


Who knows, you might even get Zoe Saldana's old bunk room!

Enter Bella Parker, a less Aryan version of Jodie Sawyer with a sister who has always been better than her.

Hey Bella! Source: Lifetime.

Naturally, the story follows her wanting the spot, working hard for the spot, and spolier alert: She'll probably end up getting the spot.

But it's all about the journey and not the destination, etc., etc.

Sadly, I'm almost certain will be no classically trained ballerinas dancing to Jamiroquai again in this sequel, but hey, we've always got the original...

Source: Youtube.