Hear that sound? That's all of Australia collectively screaming.

One day, one website, 17 million people. It’s happened. The census website is down on the one and only night it really needed to be… well, not down.

Inevitably, Twitter is lighting up with pithy little expressions of frustration and “I told you so” triumph, collected under the hastag “censusfail”.

While we wouldn’t go as far as saying #totallyworthit, it’s certainly a glorious thing to behold:

The #censusfail certainly doesn’t do much to assuage criticism about the vulnerability of private data, a high-profile concern that’s plagued the 2016 count.

But then, now that we think of it, perhaps the hackers are probably struggling to get on, too. *phew*

Of course, there were a few smug citizens who decided not to put it off until the last minute and are now laughing in our procrastinating faces.

Somehow, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull managed to get his done. We’re not suggesting he has special super-important-people interwebs or anything, but…