FLUFF: Celine Dion's house is the ultimate famous-person palace.

Got a spare $72 million? Sweet. You can pick up Celine Dion‘s mega-palace with its own fully functioning water park.

Seriously. This ridiculous mansion is the ultimate in opulent fairytale chic. Did we mention it has its own fully functioning water park?

Celine, 46, has decided to sell the crazy, shiny palace because she and her family spend most of their time in Las Vegas, where she has a regular spot at the Caesar’s Palace (fun fact: Caesar’s palace less crazy than Celine’s).

Now that it’s on the market, it means we can have a sneaky-peek inside. (Who are we kidding, this place is heavenly, when can we move in?)

If you’re in the mood for peeking inside celebrities’ homes, we’ve got all the best ones… 

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