"Business up top, Big Bird down below." We can't stop looking at Celine Dion's outfits.

We’re dead.

We’ve died.

Céline Dion’s Paris Fashion Week wardrobe has killed us.

Yes, we’re calling it: Canadian singer and living legend Céline Dion, 51, is the most stylish person in Paris right now and possibly in the world for all of eternity.

Stand down, 20-something influencers.

Pulling out looks that have been equal parts surprising, sophisticated, kooky and let’s face it, deeply impractical, we are straight-up living for Céline’s couture and we desperately need to unpack it.

If anything, it’s a lesson on how to not take yourself too seriously when it comes to fashion and we are furiously taking notes.

(Granted: it’s probably much easier to achieve this without looking like an actual clown when you’re a billionaire but hey, we’re still here for it).

Here are eight of the best Céline moments from this week:

1. When she dressed as the sound of a vibrator.

I mean, how else could you describe this look.

You look incredible but we're scared to touch you. Image: Getty.

2. When she rolled out of bed wrapped up in a sheet and still managed to be the best-dressed guest.

(And totally knew it).

If only we could pull this off at work.. Image: Getty.

3. When she opted for business up top, Big Bird down below.



No Sesame Street characters were harmed in the making of this outfit. Image: Getty.

4. When she wore a chic version of the dress every 80s school girl wore to her formal.

See also: dresses inspired ever-so-slightly by the vulva.

Prom but make it fashion (week). Image: Getty.

5. When she channelled the Olsen twins in New York Minute (probably), complete with the perfect noughties It-Girl reference.

Looking like a tourist who got one arm of her blazer caught in the train doors but still made it to the show on time.

Same tho. Image: Getty.

6. When she was parked in the front row looking like a blonde Morticia Addams.

We believe her head piece is either:

- a car part that exploded from a vehicle in a road accident and was recycled from the debris.

- the dried-up carcass of a raven.

-A weather vane that's been sawn in half and painted with black nail polish.

-We dunno.

It's all very Tim Burton. Image: Getty.

7. When she had the gym at 9 and Paris Fashion Week at 10.

Ok, so we know this is a Chanel catsuit and it's probably fashion blasphemy to liken it even remotely to active wear, but it's a little bit Sandy from Grease, a little bit hungover Saturday brunch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Don't @ us. Image: Getty.

8. And here, looking like a heavenly angel that got a little bit rained on and sh*t on by sparkly birds but is totally working with it.

We. Are. Obsessed.

Be our mum? Image: Getty.