How fashion is bringing joy to Celine Dion's life during a tough year.

For Celine Dion, 2016 has been a heart-wrenching year.

The Canadian songstress lost her husband of 22 years, Rene Angelil, to throat cancer in January. The pair had known one another since Dion was just 12, a year before Angelil became her manager, and they went on to have three sons together: Rene Charles, Eddy and Nelson.

In a devastating turn of events, the 48-year-old’s brother Daniel passed away two days later, also from cancer.

Under these circumstances, any celebrity would be forgiven for wanting to avoid the spotlight. Yet Dion has recently been in Paris for Fashion Week, and she’s been looking nothing short of radiant — not to mention seriously stylish.


According to A-list stylist Law Roach, whose services the Grammy Award winner sought out for her visit to the French capital, fashion has become a source of joy.

“I think she’s really enjoying fashion and being out and being seen and getting photographed … I know she’s enjoying herself and we’re enjoying each other because we tell each other every day,” Roach tells People magazine.

“I’m here almost every day and it makes me so happy to see her so happy. If I had a small piece of [creating] that with the clothes and the fittings and the shoes and the bags, then I am overjoyed.”

Excuse us while we reach for the tissues.

Watch: Celine Dion performs an emotional tribute to her late husband Rene. (Post continues after video.)

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Roach, who also works closely with actress Zendaya Coleman, describes Dion as a “fashion girl” who’s fearless when it comes to putting together ensembles.

“She’s not afraid to wear any colour, shape or brand. She’s excited about things that are new,” he tells the magazine.


“It’s refreshing that she’s in her 40s and has no hesitation about fashion. It has been such a dream to work with her.”

I got your back….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ A photo posted by Law Roach (@luxurylaw) on Jun 30, 2016 at 9:47am PDT

Although Dion has been spotted in an array of glorious designer wares — Balanciaga, Fendi and more — the outfit that’s grabbed the most headlines was a more casual combination: blue jeans teamed with a Titanic hoodie. Yep, really.

Admittedly, this outfit was still full of designer names, but it was far less glitzy than the red carpet gowns we’re used to seeing her in.


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“She’s a jeans and a T-shirt girl but also she also buys couture. So she has a really broad spectrum of things she likes,” Roach concludes.

She proves you don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

Fashion mightn’t be the most important thing in the world, but there’s no denying it brings a lot of people a lot of happiness — and in Celine Dion’s case, maybe even healing.

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