This is how celebrities responded to the Orlando shooting.

There’s been an outpouring of grief across social media since the world woke to the tragic news that 49 innocent people had been killed in the worst mass shooting in United States history.

An attack which saw 29-year-old, Omar Mateen, enter well-known Florida gay club Pulse and begin shooting.

A host of celebrities have joined the ranks of the publicly grieving tweeting along with the trending hashtags #LoveisLove and #StopGunViolence.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s sonnet tribute in his Best Score acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Tony Awards was one of many moving moments.

Actress, Olivia Wilde was one of the first big names to respond. She wrote, “Madness. Hideous and cruel madness. To the survivors, and families of those slain, I’m so sorry. #StopGunViolence.”


James Corden also paid tribute to the fallen at the Tony Awards which were held in the US Sunday, the same day as the shooting.

He began the ceremony with,“Good evening. All around the world, people are trying to come to terms with the horrific events that took place in Orlando this morning.”

“All we can say is you are not on your own right now,” he continued. “Your tragedy is our tragedy. Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, embraced and loved. Hate will never win. Together, we have to make sure of that.”

Tony winner and this year’s golden child, Lin-Manuel Miranda also gave a beautiful sonnet as his winning speech during the show. You can watch the video above.

Adele also dedicated her show in Antwerp last night to the victims of the massacre. “To everybody in Orlando at Pulse nightclub,” the 28-year-old singer began.

“The LGBTQ community, they’re like my soulmates since I was really young. So I’m very moved by it. I don’t know why I’m crying already, because most of this tonight is pretty miserable—because my songs are fucking miserable.”

You can watch the full dedication below. Post continues after video. 

Video via Adele

Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling dedicated a tweet to Luis Vielma, a 22-year-old Harry Potter world worker who died in the shooting.

Time to create a SAFE world for our children to be exactly who they are. What can we each do?

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