The celebrity formal photos you need in your life now.

The internet can be a weird, scary, perverted, dark place a lot of the time. But it also, magnificently, brings us things like these.

Behold, our favourite Celebrity Formal Flashback Photos of all time: Brad Pitt. Ellen DeGeneres. Lady Gaga. George Clooney. Meryl Streep.

Behold, the ultimate embarrassing retro photos the most famous people in the world probably wish we didn’t have right now…

Brad Pitt. Whose date, understandably, dressed ready to marry him.

Ellen DeGeneres, whose date wore a matching hairdo.

Lady Gaga, who’s in the turquoise dress and virtually unrecognisable.

George Clooney, whose mullet is perfection even in black and white.

Meryl Streep, who obviously won Prom Queen and continued to be flawless for the rest of forever.

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