These celebrity portraits are incredible, and delicious

Instant noodle makers Kabuto have encouraged their fans on social media to create #NoodleDoodles – fan art of celebrities rendered in noodles. Fan Sarah King created some of the best portraits we’ve ever seen… of all the celebrity noodle portraits we’ve seen (er… zero).

Wok Direction – Harry Styles

Who knew Harry's hair would look even more fantastic rendered in ramen noodles? Boy band magic.

Miley Soyrus

No twerking. No Robin Thicke. Just Miley, being noodley.

Ramen Gosling

Hey girl...wanna share a bowl of ramen? Yes, yes we do.

Miso Kunis

Hey it's Mila Kunis, rendered in ramen...kinda? Sorry, we're seeing Amanda Bynes here.

Soymon Cowell

This is supposed to be Simon Cowell, but we can't really tell without the signature skin tight T-shirt.