The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2014.

Come on Taylor you can’t be sad in a flying unicorn costume.

Well, folks. It’s that time of year again.

When celebs go all out for Halloween making you want to bin the crappy set of devil horns you donned for your workplace’s Halloween lunch. [You can check out the MM Team’s efforts on Instagram – which involved a lot more gaffer tape, spit and imagination than the celebs needed…]

This year’s celebrity fare is elaborate. 

Everyone knows Heidi Klum is a legend when it comes to Halloween outfits but there a few others giving her a run for her money in 2014. Liv Tyler dressed as an oven. WITH A BUN IN IT.

You might not even recognise some of these celebrities until you read their names.

But it’s the celebrity babies who are taking it off the hook this year. Superheroes, princesses, puppies, the King of Pop, a scary flower witch and one remarkable skunk.

We’d love to hear which celeb you think was the most spooktacular for Halloween this year.

Click through our ghoul-ery for some of the best celeb Halloween costumes we’ve seen so far… (and check back because we’ll be updating the gallery as the weekend progresses…)

Here are some of our favourite costumes from previous years: