These people are dead-ringers for celebrities. Really.

Doppelganger. Look-alike. Carbon copy. Dead ringer. Long lost twin.

German folklore says we’ve all got one. That means that right this second there is a person out there, somewhere in the world that looks exactly like you. Freaky.

Chances of running into yours on the street are pretty slim. Maybe something to do with finding that one needle in a haystack of seven billion people. But if your doppelganger is as famous as these people, the similarity is probably pretty hard to avoid.

These average, every day humans have the terribly unfortunate affliction- or extremely fruitful blessing- of looking very similar to some pretty famous faces.

Sometimes, it can be pretty great thing. Like when you’re a dead ringer for Emma Stone. Ain’t nothing terrible about that…

But if like this guy, you’re a little more Buscemi that Brad Pitt your life can become an endless parade of memes and Adam Sandler quotes…

Aside from constantly being chased by hoards of screaming grown women teenage girls, life must be a pretty sweet ride for this Zac Efron duplicate…

Check out some more eerie look-alikes in our gallery of Celebrity Doppelgangers…


Do you have a celebrity doppelganger and are you totally sick of hearing about it?

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