The exclusive dating app used by celebrities is the most pretentious thing ever.

Those fluent in the language of online dating are familiar with rejection.

But now, a pretentious dating app offers a whole new level of rejection… it gives punters the opportunity to be rejected from even using the app if they are not sufficiently cool.

That’s right. The app, called Raya, brings the high school experience of navigating entry into an exclusive clique right to your mobile phone.

Brimming with artists, models and celebrities, the app – marketed as “a private dating network for people in creative industries” – allows users to apply for membership.

An anonymous committee then judges your worth, based on your Instagram influence and the number of active Raya members who follow the applicant.

If accepted, the privilege of membership costs $7.99 per month, though a chosen few have their fees waived. (That’s how you know you’re really bloody special.)

We imagine the likes of musicians Joe Jonas, Kelly Osbourne and Moby probably used the app for free.

Singer Courtney Love, model and Arnie spawn Patrick Schwarzenegger, Friends alumni Matthew Perry, DJ Diplo and several Dancing With the Stars types have all been spotted on the exclusive app, the New York Post reports.

And apparently the app’s community includes a whole lot of “nine out of 10s”.

Remember when Samantha tried to get into the exclusive Soho House? The app is pretty much the Soho House of the dating world.

The app was founded by Los Angeles PR company owner Mike McGuiness, but staffers have so far remained silent about the set up, with reports the creators dole out equity in the business to those recruiting talent.

“[The app’s] got this whole ‘Fight Club’ vibe to it,” says 35-year-old Raya member Henry Lihn.

“They send out updates: You can’t publicly out people, you can’t screenshot. Really, the company is doing everything it can to create a disruptive exclusive experience.”

While the creators seem to have the exclusive aspect of the app down pat, another member suspects the app’s days are limited.

“It’s a small pond and it gets saturated very quickly. For the more pretentious of us, it’s done.”