Because nothing says Christmas quite like showing the world your sparkly, red bra.

If there’s one thing I know about Christmas, it’s this: if you don’t post about it on Instagram, it never happened.

Or is it…it’s not about the presents, it’s about the family and the love? I can never remember which one.

Anyway, it seems celebrities are all aboard the Christmas Instagram train this year, and have been sharing their completely over-the-top decorations with their millions of followers.

I, for one, am always on the lookout for educational opportunities, so here’s a list of all the VERY IMPORTANT Christmas lessons I’ve learned from the rich and famous this year.

1. More is most definitely more.

Exhibit A: Mariah Carey’s (aka the Queen of Christmas) tree.


Oh it’s so pretty and….WHY IS IT THE SIZE OF THE TITANIC?

Looking at this image of ~pure Christmas goodness~, I can’t decide if this is too much Mimi, or just enough. I just never know with Mariah…

The important thing to note here is that the bigger your Christmas tree (and may I just point out that Mimi has two giant trees in her festive home), the bigger your Christmas spirit.

Oh, and nothing says Christmas more than posing in your sparkly red bra.

2. The best present you can give someone…is you.

Kylie Jenner knows this valuable lesson well.

All I want for Christmas is you .. ❄️

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Who needs presents under the tree when you can just wrap yourself up in a bow?

Your presence is a blessing. All those around you should be grateful you showed up to their annual turkey feast.

Merry Christmas.

3. When you think you’re done putting up your lights, you’re only halfway there.

KimYe house literally lit af ????????

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Even in the midst of all their drama, Kim and Kanye still manage to outdo every single house on their street when it comes to Christmas lights.

You don’t need a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign or a mechanical reindeer that’s guaranteed to break and scare all the neighbourhood children two nights before Christmas Eve.

You just need lights. Lights that look like diamonds. Lights that sparkle more than Kim’s amazing jewellery.

Think you have enough lights? YOU NEED MORE.

4. Pose for a personalised Christmas portrait to send to all of your friends.

Move aside, Mr and Mrs Claus, because Kris Jenner is here to take away your Christmas crown.


Need a picture for the front of your annual Christmas card? Slap on some knee-high boots, light up that fireplace and get posing.

Nobody does Christmas as well as you, and your friends and family and that guy you met on your Contiki tour of Europe five-and-a-half years ago deserve to see it.

Now, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BestChristmasEver and you’ve got yourself a celebrity-inspired holiday season!