You can Beyoncé-fy your house this Christmas in five easy steps.

Are you looking at your Christmas decorations and thinking, “This really needs to be a little more… Beyoncé?”

No? Just me?


Important, life-changing questions aside, there’s no denying EVERYBODY’s Christmas could benefit from a little inspiration from the Single Ladies singer.

New photos published to the singer’s personal website show off her extreme Christmas spirit – and there are few valuable life (and festive) lessons we can learn.

So, here’s how you can have yourself a merry little Christmas… Beyoncé style.


Step one: Buy a LOT of Christmas trees.

One is most definitely not enough. Neither is two.

Hello, we’re competing with that other headline-grabbing couple (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) here, so we need to UP THE TREE QUOTA.

At the very least, you should probably have at least five trees on hand, dotted in the corners of various rooms around your house. Oh and, preferably, each tree should be individually themed (see point three).

Considering Beyoncé lives in a 2874-room mansion (disclaimer: room count not verified), we’re betting she has a lot more trees than you ever will. But 67 fir, pine and spruce trees is definitely a start. You’re getting there…

beyonce christmas tree
"This is Christmas tree number one...of 2394871" Image via Beyonce.com

Step two: Dress up like a reindeer. Antlers only.

You don't want to go FULL dress up. It's not Halloween... plus, that just makes it seem like you are TOO KEEN for Christmas, and no-one likes an over-excited festive friend.

Instead, don a pair of cute antlers and pair it with your best Givenchy dress and Louboutin shoes. (You know, the ones you just have lying around in your wardrobe...)

People need to know you love Christmas, but that you definitely love yourself more.

beyonce christmas antlers
"I like Christmas, but not enough to make myself look stupid for your entertainment." Image via Beyonce.com

Step three: Be your own inspiration.

The best way to do this? Theme your Christmas trees.

Say, for example, you released a nine-time Grammy-nominated visual album throughout the year, you could use that as your inspiration.

Enter, the Lemonade tree... best placed right next to your partner's side of the bed as a subtle reminder of what happens when he strays.

beyonce lemonade tree
"Hey Jay...check out this tree I made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!" Image via Beyonce.com

Step four: When in doubt, DECORATE SOME MORE. And take more selfies.

"How many more Christmas selfies can I post?" you ask.

The answer: as many as you want, as long as you're also featuring the many brilliant hours you spent decorating your entire house.

Recommended caption: "Me again....with some amazing baubles! #MerryChristmas"

"This is NOT a selfie. It's Pinterest inspo." Image via Beyonce.com

Step five: Use those weird baubles from Great Aunty Carol.

Poor Great Aunty Carol...she didn't realise that you were Queen Bey, and not Katy Perry circa 2010.

Nevertheless, you can always use those weird, cupcake-themed baubles in some way or another.

Like, in your four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy's, bedroom.

Beyonce cupcake decorations
"Did you mean to send these to Katy Perry?" Image via Beyonce.com

She most definitely needs her very own Christmas tree, and pink + ballerinas + cupcakes is the perfect way to decorate.

beyonce pink christmas tree
"I know your name is Blue Ivy, but I've decorated your whole room in pink." Image via Beyonce.com

And there you have it: you're on your way to a completely Flawless Christmas period.


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