Jackie O shares the reason why Lea Michele refused to speak to her.


If you’ve ever heard Kyle Sandilands interview a celebrity, it might not surprise you to learn he’s offended quite a few of them.

So much so that many now flat-out refuse to speak with him.

Turns out his KISS FM co-host Jackie O has a few enemies of her own, despite her reputation as the more peaceable half of the radio duo.

This morning she recalled the question that got her banned from speaking to Glee star Lea Michele — and a whole host of other celebrities who happen to share her publicist. Whoops.

“I made the terrible mistake of talking about a rumour that was going around at the time about Glee, where the cast members had signed on for the first season but their pay would remain the same for many seasons after,” she revealed.

“I referenced that rumour and oh my god, her publicist made sure that we were banned from any other people associated with that agency for such a long time. We were on the banned list because she was so offended by that question.”


The topic sprung up in the midst of a discussion about Michele’s recent nude photo shoot for UK magazine Women’s Health, which she was chatting to talk show host Chelsea Handler about recently.

Kyle asked, “Wasn’t she [Michele] a little bit uptight at one stage?”

“Eugh, yes. Yes she was,” Jackie O replied.

“I’ve experienced that first hand.”

It’s worth noting the particular incident happened years ago and Michele has since gotten over her grudge and happily appeared on the show.

But there are still many celebrities who still aren’t willing to chat with the controversial pair.

Kyle “couldn’t care less” though. Quelle surprise!

“Every second week we’re getting banned by some ar**hole and I couldn’t care less,” he said.

“This is what pisses me off about publicists sometimes. They think we give a rats ring about if their star comes on the show or not. I couldn’t care less. As far as I’m concerned when a celebrity comes on this show it’s a free ad for whatever they’re pushing.

“I couldn’t care less if they’re here or not. I’d rather play Guess What’s in Jackie’s Mouth than talk to any celebrity on earth.”

Feature image: Instagram