13 celebrities on the cosmetic procedure they regret.

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While many celebrities are too scared to even whisper about plastic surgery, former (and beloved!) The Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure has never been shy about talking about the work she’s had done.

The reality TV star has had “a few cheeky little nips and tucks” over the years.

“I started off having my ears pinned back. I’ve had my breasts done. I’ve had scar augmentations on my tummy. I’ve had liposuction in my armpits to take away the perspiration glands so I don’t sweat. And I have Botox as well,” she told earlier this year.

“My forehead still moves but the frown lines don’t. I’ve had a peel. I am all for plastic surgery. I love it. I’ve got nothing to hide.”

However there’s one surgery the 31 year old now regrets – her boob job.

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“I went up from a B cup to a C cup and they are a little bit too big and aren’t as natural looking as I would like,” she told the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

“I am considering going back down to a B cup. Boobs are out of fashion right now.”

Mamamia Out Loud on plastic surgery. (Post continues after video)

Plastic surgery is entirely an individual choice – but Fleure’s statement is also an important reminder that it’s not a fix-it, nor long-term effects solution for everyone.

She’s certainly not alone in looking back in hindsight and regretting a surgery decision. Here are 11 other celebrities who’ve felt the same.

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