10 celebrities who look much younger than they actually are.

Either these celebrities have discovered a secret fountain of youth or they’ve been blessed with kick-arse genes but either way, you’ll be stunned when you find out their actual age.

1. (Jim Parsons – Big Bang Theory)

41 years old.

Yeah, that’s right, Dr Sheldon Cooper is older than the internet and most of the people running Channel 9.

Look at that youthful complexion that Jim Parsons is rocking.

2. Alyson Hannigan (American Pie/How I Met Your Mother/Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

40 years old.

Despite all of Alyson’s amazing achievements, she will probably be forever known as the girl who did questionable things with her flute at Band Camp. Alyson is 40 and She needs to share her beauty product secrets with the rest of us, stat.

Alyson Hannigan. Face like a baby.

3. Jared Leto (Oscar Winner, Dallas Buyers Club/Actor – Requiem for a Dream/30 Seconds to Mars front man/man with world’s prettiest eyes)

42 years old.

Jared Leto, whilst known for occasionally letting his freak flag fly, can do no wrong in my book. He is 42. FORTY-TWO! He looks 30. Tops.

Jared Leto.

4. Brad Pitt

50 years old.

I’m sorry but if I have to explain to you who Brad Pitt is, you probably shouldn’t be here. This guy is, get this, 50 years old!  Jesus, I’ll have what he’s having. And yes, if that means I have to have a squillion kids and Angelina Jolie, then so be it.

Brangelina – the image of youth.

5. Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights/Emmy Award Winner/All round awesome actor)

53 years old.

Julianne Moore, best actor in the universe (wait, that might be just my opinion) is 53. Maybe getting to kiss much younger co-stars is the secret to eternal youth?

Julianne Moore – best actress ever.

6. Pharrell Williams (singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician AND fashion designer)

41 years old.

Cementing that being ‘Happy’ really is life’s elixir, Pharrell is making me question my own life. This guy is super busy and yet I don’t detect one hint of stress on that forehead of his.

Happiness is the secret to Pharrell’s success… even though he’s not smiling here…

7. William Shatner (Best known as Captain Kirk on Star Trek and just being an all round massive legend)

83 years old.

Eighty-three years of age and no sign of slowing down. We love you and are in awe of you William.

William Shatner. Acting God.

8. Chuck Norris (Actor/Martial Artist/Best Meme on the internet/I really shouldn’t have to explain this to you)

74 years old.

This guy is 74. And we still kick your arse.

Chuck Norris doesn’t get older, just more kick-arse.

9. Betty White

93 years old.

Best known as Rose in the Golden Girls is 93. I for one, never want to imagine a world that doesn’t have Betty in it. Maybe I won’t have to, she seems to have tapped the elusive fountain of youth.

Everyone’s wannabe Grandma, Betty White.

10. Rob Lowe

50 years old.

The ultimate enigma. No one quite understands how this man continues to look younger with each passing year. He may very well just be, Benjamin Button.

What is this sorcery, Rob Lowe?


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