Here's how your favourite celebrities celebrated National Siblings Day.

Yesterday was National Siblings Day, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Because we all have calendars where we log these types of momentous occasions, along with National Doughnut Day and Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Day (I think that’s my favourite).

While National Siblings Day isn’t quite as culturally significant as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it’s becoming increasingly popular. The day, which was celebrated for the first time all the way back in 2007, is meant to honour the very special relationships between brothers and sisters, and most people commemorate the occasion by posting photos of themselves and their siblings online.

And, of course, our favourite celebrities couldn’t possibly turn down an opportunity for a selfie, and the frequently used #NationalSiblingsDay hashtag.

So let’s take a look at how the rich and famous celebrated the holiday with their siblings.

Blake Lively celebrated National Siblings Day by posting this photo with the caption ‘Yes, our parents are breeders.’

Happy national sibling day. Yes, our parents are breeders.

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

According to our calculations, there are NINE people in the photo. However, Blake Lively only has four siblings – her two brothers, Eric and Jason, and two sisters, Robyn and Lori. So the question is: Who are the randoms? #NationalSiblingsDay #They’reNotYourSiblings.

Miley Cyrus also comes from a big family, sharing this throwback photo with her brothers and sisters.

Major TBT in honor of #nationalsiblingday A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on


We are, however, a little concerned that she used the acronym TBT when it was not a Thursday OR a Tuesday. #LearnYourInstagram #ThereAreThrowbackRules.

My beautiful favourite Nashville star Sam Palladio posted this picture with his cute little brother.

#nationalsiblingsday here he is world @macscott1

A photo posted by Sam Palladio (@sampalladio) on


OH, hello there. *wink*

Lena Dunham posted this cute snap of her and her little sister, Grace sporting a very similar hairstyle. These two seem to be genuinely close, even when it’s not National Siblings Day. Grace appears on the current season of Girls, and features frequently on Lena’s Instagram.

Happy #nationalsiblingday. We are two sprouts from the same sandwich, G. Simon. Yes we are. A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about her brother Vance.


And, as can be expected of someone who has any genetic similarity to Ellen, Vance tweeted a very funny reply.


It was clearly a joyous celebration for Amy Schumer, who shared this picture with her sister Kim looking VERY excited.

Happy national sibling day!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

But like any decent sibling, Amy didn’t leave anyone out, sharing a picture of her brother Jason too.

  Happy national siblings day!   A photo posted by @amyschumer on


Even though Khloe Kardashian didn’t explicitly say this picture was a celebration of National Siblings Day, we’re pretty sure she was jumping on the bandwagon.

After all – if the world’s most famous siblings don’t celebrate National Siblings Day, is it really a day at all? #DeepThoughts


Super soul Sunday sister sweat session!! Happy Sunday my loves!! ❤️❤️❤️


A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


Kelly Osbourne went all-out with some serious Microsoft Paint to post a tribute to her brother and sister in law, who she describes as the ‘world’s best’. Well, technically she missed that last apostrophe, but who can be bothered with grammar and punctuation on such a momentous occasion?!

Fans were a little concerned, however, because Kelly’s sister Amy was blatantly absent from the photo and the tribute. One user commented, “Apparently the other sister is really odd/different”. Ahh National Siblings Day – airing every family’s dirty laundry since ’07.

Those celebrities with famous siblings are probably the most keen to celebrate National Siblings Day – given that really, it’s not too exciting to post a pic with your older brother Bill who no one has ever heard of.

Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her and younger sister Ashley, in what appears to be a throwback. The two look very, very young in this picture, and fans were quick to judge the photo choice, with one commenting, “Didn’t even recognize either person.” Ouch.




A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on


Last, but certainly not least, Paris Hilton shared a snap of her and her three siblings Nicky, Conrad and Barron, with the caption ‘#SiblingsGoalsAF’.

#NationalSiblingsDay ???????????????????????????????? #SiblingsGoalsAF A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

So there you have it. Make sure to give your siblings an extra special hug for National Siblings Day, before taking a selfie and declaring that you are ‘Siblings Goals’, whatever that means.

Which of your fave celebs posted photos for National Siblings Day?

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