Selfies with the Stars, Christmas Edition.

Because if anyone knows how to celebrate Christmas in style, it’s celebrities.

Sure, Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones. But it’s also about sharing what you received, ate and wore on the occasion all over social media.

Bec Judd received a pretty priceless gift, being able to watch her daughter’s very first steps on Christmas day.

Sonny Blake won in the fashion stakes in his adorable Elf costume. Although River Hampson was a close runner up in his little Santa suit, coordinated perfectly with Bosco the dog.

Speaking of the Gale family, Megan’s home made pavlova had us (and the rest of the Instagram community) drooling on our phone screens.

To see what the rest of the A-listers got up to for Christmas day, CLICK THROUGH the gallery. 


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