Celeb news: Nigella Lawson gets an official apology from New Zealand.

New Zealand officials have issued an apology to celebrity chef / goddess Nigella Lawson. And so they should.

Remember when Nigella was apparently banned from entering America, because she’d publicly admitted to using coke and weed?

And it was RIDICULOUS because the US is crawling with drug addicts and the only thing dangerous about Nigella is that she’s so beautiful it hurts to look directly into her face?

Well, around that time Nigella needed to fly to New Zealand for a delicious chocolate promotion. Kiwi immigration, embarrassingly, issued Nigella with a ‘special direction’ visa to work in the country, basically copying the Americans and treating Nigella as dangerous. Before she arrived at Auckland airport on 3rd May, she was given a ‘waiver’ to enter the country for work purposes — which has just been retracted.

As it turns out, it wasn’t necessary at all. Nigella is not a flight risk, nor was she technically banned from the States.

New Zealand immigration have apologised to Nigella for the unnecessary humiliation — and Nigella says she’s “happy” with that outcome. There was no need for this insulting bureaucracy because, as we all knew all along, Nigella is a delightful human who should have her own welcome committee of life-size cupcakes wherever she goes.

Nigella. Babe. This would never happen in Australia. Come and visit?


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