Celeb news: First pics of Jess Marais' baby girl.

Just nine days after the birth of their daughter, Jessica Marais and her partner James Stewart have posed with their daughter Scout Edie for WHO Magazine.

In the interview, Jess said they chose the name ‘Scout’ as a dedication to her dad Tony, who died when Jess was 9.

“We called her Scout in my stomach because it suited both genders,” Marais said. “To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourite novels, my mum brought me up reading it, and it never fails to move me,” she said.

“Atticus Finch (Scout’s father in the novel) always reminded me of my dad. He used to say not to judge a man until you have walked in his shoes, and he always encouraged me to treat other people with kindness and equality…. Atticus and Scout have a very special relationship, so I was definitely paying tribute to him, in a way.”

The former Packed to the Rafters stars announced the arrival of their baby daughter last week.

The announcement was made on Channel 7’s The Morning Show. “It is with much joy and pride that Jessica Marais and James Stewart announce the birth of their baby girl, Scout Edie Stewart,” a statement from the couple’s managers said.

Scout is the first child for Marais and Stewart, who met while filming Channel 7’s Packed to the Rafters, and are engaged to be married. Stewart recently quit the show to help look after the baby.

He’ll be the baby’s full-time carer while Marais filmed the second series of US drama Magic City.