Celeb news: Delta Goodrem responds to critics.

Poor Delta. She just can’t take a trick.

In all the hype and excitement surrounding Channel 9’s The Voice, there’s been a fair bit of criticism of 27-year-old judge Delta Goodrem. She’s too pretty, laughs too much, doesn’t ‘connect’ (isn’t that a favourite judge term?) and the list goes on.

Well, she’s responded.

In an interview with Women’s Day magazine, Delta has responded to critics saying she’s been through worse. “Anybody who has gone through a life-changing experience will tell you there is a different understanding of what is real and what is important, and when you are going through different moments, you can reflect and go, ‘I have been through worse’,” she said.

“I can’t be all things to everyone. I’m doing the best I can. I’m thankful for my songs being at the top of the charts but I am human – I think people still have to remember that. I’m still human – I can’t not feel. I’m learning. It’s a new chapter. I think that’s all I can do.” 

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PS: Obviously Delta inspires strong responses in some. Please play nice in the comments!