Celeb: Kelly Osbourne bleached her eyebrows

Kelly Osbourne, where are your eyebrows?

That was the question everyone was asking when the Fashion Police judge turned up at a party in Chicago, seemingly without any.

She let reportedly allowed editors to dye her eyebrows for a photo shoot for fashion magazine Fault. At the time of the shoot, she tweeted: “@FAULTMagazine p.s my eye brows are still bleached i look like an alien! #bloodyNuts I kinda love it!”

After copping some criticism on Twitter she replied:Get over the eyebrows people it was for a photo shoot! If you don’t shut up I will keep them like this just to p**s you off! :)”
And keep them she has.

It’s nor the first time Kelly’s done something outrageous on the red carpet.  You can read more about her style here.