People are convinced they've spotted a ghost in this CCTV footage.




Creepy footage of what looks like a ghost, and is most definitely possibly the girl from The Ring, has been captured on CCTV footage.

cctv ghost
The figure is seen hovering near the boom gates. Image via YouTube.

The video taken on 26 September 2016 and uploaded to the Scary Videos YouTube channel this week, shows a woman wearing a white gown - with long dark hair covering her face - 'hovering' in a public car park.

She hovers near the boom gate (because inserting your ticket - without dropping it - isn't hard enough) for a few seconds, before disappearing into the wall behind, and then reappearing and doing some more intense hovering.

cctv ghost
The moment the ghost disappears into the wall behind. Image via YouTube.

The Scary Videos team has made experience even more eerie by adding some music from The Ring to the clip, to really give you the creeps.  

The location of the video is unknown, so it's possibly your local Westfield. WE DON'T KNOW.

I think we'd better call this guy.


Ghost stories from a death nurse on The Nitty Gritty Committee. 

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