'I was caught mid-orgasm by my sister and her two children.'

“I am so humiliated right now,” is the opening line of a Reddit thread from a woman who has been caught mid-orgasm by her sister and her two children.

It’s the ultimate level of awkward.

Getting caught in an orgasm is always going to be awkward.

Reddit user, familycaughtme needs some advice after she was 'caught' by her sister and her sister's kids mid-orgasm during a moment of alone time.

"I have always been that super, nearly-paranoid, careful person when it comes to any sexual activity, alone or with others. I live alone, and really value privacy, knocking, and most importantly, calling ahead when you plan to make a visit," she wrote.

Despite her need for privacy, the woman says that she trusts her family and loves their company so much that she has given her closest relatives a key to her place. Today her sister abused the trust she'd been given.

"[My sister] decided to "pop in" with her two children to visit for a while. I have told her many times to please call ahead, and usually she honours that," the Reddit user wrote.

"I had some quiet music on in my bedroom, but it was just loud enough to cover her opening the door and walking in," she continued.

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While the sister and her kids didn't actually make it in to the pleasure-induced bedroom, the woman was in the middle of a 'rather loud orgasm' when they came in the front door of the house. The woman pleasuring herself soon realised something felt off.

"I immediately jumped up and put my clothing on. By the time I came out of my bedroom, I saw her quickly getting in her car with her kids," she wrote.

"I am really shaken by this, because I spend so much time with my sister, her kids, and even my brother-in-law. I don't know how to approach this, because pretending it didn't happen isn't really an option at this point."

The woman is embarrased. Image via iStock.

The poor woman is mortified and embarrassed. But the saga doesn't end there. In a quick update, the embarrassed sister said it had gotten worse.

"Last night, my sister called me to talk about her and her children hearing me. Well, she is pissed off that her kids were subjected to that, and she told me I should have known it was a possibility that they would visit on a Sunday afternoon," she wrote.

"After her making me feel like crap for 20 minutes, I simply hung up on her. I am at a loss at the moment, and didn't think this would have such an impact on our relationship. I'm super confused."

What should she do in this situation? What would you do?