10 hilariously relatable mistakes cats make

We’ve all been there. It’s that ‘oh no’ moment just before you fall, drop something or make the wrong move.

Cats are no different. Just like their human counterparts, our feline friends make plenty of bad choices.

You just know these cats are immediately regretting their decisions.

"You lied, evil human. Baths are NOT relaxing"


"Oh, what a cute little turtle. Ouch!"


"I'm having a dream I'm falling. No wait, I AM falling."


"I might need help getting down from here."


"I will never let you win, evil shoe."


"I said I was GETTING a snack, not that I WAS the snack"


"What kind of creepy window is this?"


"Big Red Dot, I'm not afraid of you!"


"I'll be safe in here ..."


"Hang on ... where the heck did you come from?"


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