An Australian model is making a point about fiddling with your face.

Gasp. What has she done to her face?

We love Catherine McNeil.

Not only is she one of Australia’s (and the world’s) hottest models but she also doesn’t take herself too seriously and it appears that she doesn’t have a problem making some lighthearted jokes at the industry she dominates.

At just 26 years old, she’s graced the cover of some of the world’s biggest fashion magazines and has even strutted her way down some of the most exclusive designer runways, but neither of these accomplishments has stopped McNeil from taking the ‘mickey’ out of some of her colleagues in an Instagram post yesterday.

In the photograph posted on the social media platform, the brunette bombshell shows off noticeably enhanced lips.

“Think I’d end up looking like this if I lived in LAla land,” she captioned the image, making fun of the many Hollywood celebrities who have undergone facial procedures.

???????????? think id end up looking like this if i lived in LAla land ????????????????????

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As it turns out, McNeil hadn’t enhanced her lips and posted the image as a joke. The photograph was a mocked-up image to show what she would look like with plastic surgery and Botox. Many of her followers saw the fun in it, posting comments underneath the image in agreement:

“soooo true :).. Can’t believe how they all look alike”

“Very kardashianesque”

McNeil’s post comes during a week where some of world’s biggest stars have used social media as a platform to defend themselves against nasty criticism.

Over the weekend, Australian singer Alli Simpson, who is the younger sister of teen heartthrob Cody Simpson, declared that she was giving up Hollywood’s perception of perfection and was dedicating time to working on herself.


In a lengthy Instagram post, the LA-based singer stated that she would take time out over the next two weeks to sleep, meditate, exercise and eat healthy as well as get rid of her hair extensions, fake tan and make-up.

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid, who is arguably one of the biggest models in the industry at the moment, also posted a rant on Instagram on the same day.

20-year-old Hadid took to Instagram to defend her body shape after receiving negative posts online claiming she didn’t have the right look to be a successful model.

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Seriously, if the world’s most “beautiful” women are troubled by the body police, what hope is there for the rest of us. 

At least there’s Photoshop. 

What do you think of Catherine’s picture?