Cate McGregor's smackdown of Margaret Court's homophobic remarks leaves nation speechless.

Cate McGregor has taken aim at Margaret Court’s comments about transgender children being the “work of the devil” and the result of parent’s who “don’t care” in one of the most heartfelt, emotional and eloquent smackdowns we have ever seen.

Appearing on ABC’s The Drum last night, McGregor – a transgender woman, sportswriter and serving member of the Australian Defence Force – spoke about how transgender children and their parents were among the most vulnerable members of society, and that criticising them was simply taking aim at “low hanging fruit”.


“I think [Margaret Court] has absolutely overstepped any support from theology or religion in some of her discursive remarks about the families of transgender kids, which are just nonsense,” Cate said.

“To go on about the parents of trans kids failing or neglecting their children and that transgenderism is some kind of parental failure.

“I know a lot of families with young kids grappling with gender issues. They are loving families, there is a mother and father present, the kids are loved to bits.”

cate mcgregor margaret court response
Cate McGregor has taken aim at Margaret Court's latest transphobic comments in the most heartfelt way. Image via ABC The Drum.

Cate went on to say that those parents only want two things.

"They want their child to be happy, and primarily, they want them to not kill themselves," she said.

"The risk of self harm among kids experiencing this kind of conflict doesn't need to be compounded by this sort of gratuitous unsubstantiated nonsense."

She then added that the transgender community was among the most highly ridiculed and discriminated in the country.

"No-one wants to be transgender, we don't choose it, we are born like it," she said.

Margaret Court. Source: Getty.

But her biggest issue was with Court using her religion as means to express her views on the LGBTI community.

McGregor, herself a Christian, questioned whether Margaret Court understood her own brand of belief.

"I went to bed last night not having made the life of any other Australian miserable to the extent that I am at least aware of," she said.

"This woman has to look at her conscience and look at her remarks and ask herself as a Christian when she examines her conscience, has she dealt with herself lovingly?

"I happen to be a think that I arrived at my life decision without a process of agonising discernment is ...a gratuitously offensive thing to say to me when she had no experience of my life or parental background.

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"I don’t hear her lecturing people on their second marriages as adultery, but we’re the low-hanging fruit, you can kick us to death to the applause of the mainstream media and ramp up solicitations for money," she said, adding that it was "sick-making".

Audiences tuning in to the show were quick to praise McGregor's powerful and coherent response to the controversy.



"It was so moving and as a lot of people have said before me so elegant, compassionate and so real," viewer Colleen Gleeson wrote on Facebook about the episode.

"Her deep feelings were obvious on her face and in her voice. Bravo."

"Words have meaning when they come from the heart," wrote Graeme Macfarlane.

"Cate I hear you, I see you and I respect you. Thanks for being the authentic you."

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