Not even Cate Blanchett can be bothered to brush her hair.

It’s easy to think celebrities are perfect. That they wake up red carpet ready.

But not our Cate. No – she’s got unbrushed hair and an unmade-up face on her school run just like the rest of us. She told Porter Magazine  (Net-A-Porter’s answer to Vogue, and a mandatory read), that she gets intimidated at the school gates.

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Of the awkward morning encounters with the mummy mafia she said: “They don’t know how you cram everything in to make space for your kids like any working parent… 

“They assume you have a nanny and a driver and a chef. Who gives a s— whether I do or not?

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“…The fact is I don’t, but you know there is a certain circle of people – and we all get insecure – who then ask, ‘Why can’t she brush her hair?’ You just have to shrug that off.”

On the cover of the magazine, shot by Ryan McGuinley, Blanchett looks windswept and radiant, but certainly not unbrushed.   That being said, we can see why it would be a surprise to see someone with her poise and polish looking ‘just like the rest of us’. But wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise?

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The fact is, we don't have to look perfect all the time, even if we're a movie star. Sure, it can be fun to dress up and look amazing, but there are plenty of other more important things to worry about, like getting the kids to school on time, or having an extra fifteen minutes of sleep.

That being said, if you, like Cate, have no time to brush your hair, this could help.

Do you get self conscious when you're under dressed?