Famous actress Cate Blanchett says she's getting bullied by mums at the school gate.


Whoever said schoolyard bullying ends when you’re, well, out of the schoolyard, hasn’t met actress Cate Blanchett.

Our favourite Aussie export (and unequivocally the world’s most beautiful actress) is having some trouble with what she calls the ‘Mummy Mafia’.

You know the ones. The mothers who judge your parenting skills at the pick-up/drop-off zone. The mothers who clearly didn’t leave the drama behind when they graduated high school. The mothers who – okay, we’ll stop.

Blanchett, 45, has told Porter magazine about the intimidation she feels from the mafia.

Cate Blanchett on the cover of Porter magazine.

“They don’t know how you cram everything in to make space for your kids like any working parent,” she said.

“They assume you have a nanny and a driver and a chef. Who gives a s— whether I do or not?

“The fact is I don’t, but you know there is a certain circle of people – and we all get insecure – who then ask, ‘Why can’t she brush her hair?’ You just have to shrug that off.”

You tell ’em, Cate. And the next time you’re approached by the Mummy Mafia, just take some words of advice from our other favourite human being, Taylor Swift, and… Shake it off.

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