'My husband's hotel called to say they'd found a necklace. It's not mine.'

A woman has found herself in an excruciating position after she discovered a necklace had been left in her husband’s hotel room – a necklace that wasn’t hers.

The mum-of-two shared her story on parenting forum Mumsnet,  saying she had turned to the site because she didn’t know what to do after making the ominous discovery.

“About a month ago my husband went on a business trip,” she explained. “[He] gave me the address of the place he was staying and I didn’t bat an eye.”

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“He goes on them several times a year, usually a couple of nights at a time.”

However, the woman’s suspicions that he may not have been alone in the hotel room were raised when she made a chance discovery days after his return.

Her husband of nine years had misplaced his debit card, and she “had the idea of calling the hotel to ask if they’d found it cleaning”.

She was not prepared for what the woman answering the phone told her.

“The lady on reception was very nice and said ‘Oh, you must be calling about your necklace. We found it in the bathroom. How lucky for you. It would have been such a shame to lose such lovely pearls!'”

It's a beautiful necklace... but it's not mine. (Image via Getty.)

The woman said she was lost for words, eventually asking the receptionist if she could post the necklace to her - where it's now arrived.

"I have it in the bedroom. It's a beautiful string of real pearls, it looks like something a queen would wear."

The mum, who posted under the username is Foolmeoncefoolmetwice, told fellow users that she and her husband had previously worked through "an incident of him kissing another woman" when their now-five-year-old son was a baby.

"And he sent some flirty texts to a colleague too, but it was years ago," she added.

She explained that it had been "a long time" since she'd had any suspicions of him.


"I haven't said a word about it to him. Whenever I think about it I get all dizzy and feel I might be sick but I don't know why."

"I don't know if I want to know but it's making me crazy.

"I also don't know if I could break up our family. The thought makes me want to vomit."

She concluded by telling Mumsnet users she was aware her head might be "in the sand", but "I honestly don't know what to do".

The majority of the hundreds of women who responded were eager to set the mum straight, telling her firmly to take her head out of the sand.

"When he gets home, tell him the hotel didn't have his card but they did have the pearl necklace that was left in the bathroom. Produce it and then watch his reaction," suggested one user.

"Your gut is always right (in my experience) and he's cheated on you before already - kissing another woman and sending flirty texts (and they're only the incidents that you found out about)."

Other slightly more optimistic users suggested the pearls may have belonged to a different hotel guest, but still encouraged some extra checking, such as of his credit card statements.

But we think we like this commenters piece of advice best: "I'd wear it tonight. You'd know by his face what to think."

What would you do in this woman's position?