Cat lovers unite at Mamamia HQ.

Thanks to our brand partner, PURINA ONE

Cat lovers of the world united this month at Mamamia HQ to share in a night of panellist discussions, Q&A and general cat revelry thanks to PURINA ONE.

Here at Mamamia, we learned that people who love cats, also love talking about their cats, from showing them off on their Instagram feeds, to sharing their stories about their strangely compelling companions. Who knew that some cats had a penchant for licking feet?

The night was a great success, with attendees getting to ask all their burning questions from Purina ambassadors including PetCare Advice Manager Kate Gorman, Purina spokesperson and Country Business Manager Nicole Battistessa, and PhD Animal Behaviourist, Dr. Jo Righetti.

The PURINA ONE team is proudly partnering with Mamamia to support the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program. You can follow Jo and Millie on their PURINA ONE 21 Day journey here.

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