Her husband called her a 'sandwich maker'. So she had the cheesiest revenge we've seen.

If food is the way to a man’s heart, then it’s also the best way to break it.

This was proven true when an unsuspecting husband learnt the hard way sexist “jokes” aren’t cute. Or funny.

Said husband, Volkommenes took to Reddit with his tail firmly between his legs to explain just how he realised it’s probably not a good idea to call his wife a “sandwich maker”.

Instead of schooling him right there on the spot, Volkommenes’ wife sent him on his way with his packed lunch as per usual… Because everyone knows revenge is a dish best served when they least expect it.

THIS. IS. LIFE (Image: Reddit)

Hours later when Volkommes sat down to enjoy his lunch, he bit into his sandwich to find the cheese still wrapped in its packaging. And labelled with a sassy, 'Not Sorry'.

Aside from the very important lesson in casual sexism, the other point we'd like to highlight here is that this woman is a legend.

We only wish we'd thought of this first.