Casting director shares his touching last memory with Jessica Falkholt, as she clings to life.

Jessica Falkholt is clinging onto life.

The 29-year-old former Home and Away actress has been in a critical condition since the Boxing Day car crash which claimed the lives of her father, mother and sister.

On Friday her family made the difficult decision to turn off her life support.

Now David Newman, a casting director who worked with Jessica, has posted a tribute to her on his Facebook page.

“So hard to concentrate today, this screenshot is from just eight weeks ago, where I had the pleasure of another audition with the gorgeous Jessica Falkholt,” he wrote.

“- so smart, talented, dedicated, passionate, intense (in all the right ways), inquisitive, questioning, hard on herself – she always thought she could do it better. When she really looked at you – with those wonderful, beautiful eyes – you knew you were in front of a powerful, creative life force. So much potential, just starting to kick the goals she had worked so hard for………….Thank you Jess. Please send all your love and support to her.”

Newman included a photo of Jessica which was taken just eight weeks ago when she was at a casting session with him.

Jessica’s mother, Vivian, and her father, Lars, both died at the scene on Boxing Day. Her sister, Annabelle, died three days later in hospital.

Craig Whitall, the driver of the 4WD which smashed into the Falkholt’s car, also died in the crash.

Jessica remains in a critical condition in St George Hospital. On Friday the hospital confirmed her life support had been switched off.

Vivian, Lars and Annabelle were laid to rest on Thursday.

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