Cassie Sainsbury now says she was 'forced' to act as a cocaine mule in Colombia.

Accused drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury has claimed she was ‘forced’ by an international drugs syndicate to carry 5.8kg of cocaine through Bogota’s El Dorado Airport, according to News Corp.

The new explanation was exposed in a Sydney court on Sunday, in documents that allege the 22-year-old “has fallen victim to an international drug trafficking syndicate” which “threatened her life and the life of her family if she did not comply with their demands”. These documents were lodged by Sainsbury’s Australian lawyers, in an attempt to stop Sunday Night airing its interview with her fiance, Scott Broadbridge.

According to the documents, Sainsbury has “applied to the Colombian authorities and the Australian Federal Police to be placed into a witness protection program,” due to her fears of the drugs syndicate.

Sainsbury’s legal team were reportedly concerned that her fiance’s paid appearance on Sunday Night, where he is expected to discuss what he knows about the alleged drug smuggling, could be harmful to her case. Previews for the show hinted Broadbridge will also explain why his partner was in Columbia, and concede that she will confess her role in carrying the drugs she was caught with.

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Phone calls between Broadbridge and Sainsbury will be aired during the program, despite Sainsbury’s lawyers arguing they were taken without her knowledge or consent.

On Sunday, Justice John Sackar dismissed the lawyer’s case, stating “there is no restraint on Channel Seven in relation to their Sunday program this evening”.

While Sainsbury is understood to have given Broadbridge permission to sell his side of the story, last week she expressed concern with her family’s planned appearance on 60 Minutes. 

“Once I’ve been sentenced I’m happy to talk about what happened because my case isn’t in jeopardy then,” she said.