Cassie Sainsbury was a sex worker, new reports claim.

Accused Australian drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury has a history working as a sex worker, new reports claim.

According to investigations from Nine News and 60 Minutes, the 22-year-old from Adelaide spent six months of last year employed as a sex worker in a brothel in Sydney’s west.

Sainsbury was arrested allegedly carrying 5.8 kilograms of cocaine at an airport in Colombia last month. She is currently being held at El Buen Pastor women’s prison in Bogota where she is awaiting trial.

Now, reports are claiming Sainsbury – who told authorities she believed the packages of cocaine contained headphones for the bridal party in her upcoming wedding – lived a “double life”.

As reported by the network on Sunday night, Nine News claims to have found Sainsbury’s sex worker profile, in which she went by the name “Claudia”.

Why are we so obsessed with Cassie Sainsbury’s story?

A former colleague of Sainsbury’s spoke to the network saying she would fly in and out of Adelaide to work at the brothel for days at a time.

“She would fly in and stay for a week or sometimes just for two, or three or four days,” the colleague, who chose to remain anonymous, alleged in an interview.

“She said that her mum was suffering from MS and was in a hospital in Sydney but did not have private health insurance,” they continued.

“Then she had a phone call saying that her mum was dying, and then another call saying her mum had died, all while she was at the brothel.”

Cassie Sainsbury. Image via social.

Cassie Sainsbury's real mother, of course, is alive and well and has been to visit her daughter in the Colombian jail.

"We've been really scammed. It's not like she just mentioned it once or twice, Cassandra would go on and on about it," the former colleague claimed.

"She's manipulative, and I think she's a compulsive liar."