Cassie Sainsbury's fiancé describes her condition in his emotional first public address.

Cassandra Sainsbury’s fiancé has voiced his strong support for the 22-year-old who he claims is innocent of the drug trafficking charges she faces in Colombia, despite acknowledging there were “unanswered questions“.

Scott Broadbridge has also asked for privacy, taking aim at news outlets that he said were camping outside his house and harassing him and his grandmother.

Broadbridge described Sainsbury as the “delight of my life” and reiterated his intent to marry her while addressing the media and public on Thursday morning.

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“I would just like to say that Cass is innocent of these charges and I will support her no matter how long this takes. Cass and I are engaged to be married and I intend to marry her,” he said.

“Cass is the delight of my life. I know that she is not involved in the drug trade. I know that she was not deliberately taking drugs or carrying drug anywhere.”

However, Broadbridge added there were “many unanswered questions in the case” and said he intended to “work with the lawyers to get to the bottom of them”.

“At this time, I wish to concentrate on doing whatever I can to help Cass and to help her through this time,” he said.

Cassie Sainsbury and her boyfriend Scott Broadbridge. (Image via Facebook.)

Broadbridge spoke of his fiancée's concerns over the conditions of the jail, where she could spend up to 25 years if found guilty of attempting to smuggle the 5.8kg of cocaine found in her luggage at El Dorado airport on April 12.

"It is extremely stressful for her but we are able to talk every day and that is a great comfort for both of us," Broadbridge said.


"She is concerned about the conditions of the jail, which are not ideal, and it's very difficult for her not knowing anyone in the country."

Broadbridge said he hoped to travel to Colombia to be with his fiance to help her fight the charges "soon", but did not say if or when he was planning to do so.

He concluded by asking for his and his family's privacy to be respected.

"Finally, I would like to ask the media to not camp outside my house and not harass me. I would also ask that you stop harassing my grandmother."

Lawyer Stephen Kenny, who has previously represented the Australian man once detained in Guantanamo Bay, David Hicks, has now been employed to help Cassie and was also at the media conference.

Cassie Sainsbury was arrested and detained after she was found in possession of 5.8kg of cocaine. (Image via Facebook.)

Kenny said he had "great faith" in the Colombian legal system and reminded Australians about the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

"I would like to remind you, there are plenty of people in the past who have been judged by the media to be guilty, only to be found innocent later. We hope that will be the case in this matter."

He said Cassie's defence team had been unable to identify the cleaning company she was employed by, but they were attempting to find out.

"I am making investigations in relation to that matter and yes, it is a matter of significance but something that we will discuss with the Colombian authorities."