Cassie Sainsbury's family refuses to comment as they arrive back in Australia.

Cassie Sainsbury’s mother and sister have arrived in Adelaide refusing to comment after visiting the accused drug mule in a Colombian prison.

Lisa Evans and Khala Sainsbiury walked from the arrivals lounge to a taxi rank at Adelaide Airport on Tuesday morning surrounded by a huge media scrum.

At various stages Ms Evans covered her face and both were unwilling to comment after the flight from Bogota via Sydney.

Cassie Sainsbury is being held in a Bogota jail after 5.8kg of cocaine was allegedly found inside 18 headphone cases in her luggage at El Dorado International Airport in last month.

The 22-year-old is facing 20 years in prison.

Sainsbury’s fiance Scott Broadbridge, who has not been in contact with her mother and sister, also landed in Sydney on Tuesday morning and was expected in Adelaide later in the day.


He went into a holding room where he remained for some time before knowingly emerging in front of the media wearing a black beanie, black hoodie, jeans and red sneakers.

The the last passenger to board a transfer bus, Broadbridge refused to answer questions about when he would next see Sainsbury and if he had been spoken to by Australian Federal Police following allegations he fled Colombia because he was under investigation.

An AFP spokesman told AAP there would be no comment on Broadbridge’s return to Australia.

The Sainsburys and Mr Broadbridge gave interviews to rival Nine and Seven network programs on Sunday.

Nine’s 60 Minutes reported Sainsbury had been working as a fly-in, fly-out prostitute in Sydney. Her lawyer Orlando Herran stated on the program a mystery man threatened to kill her or her family before she was allegedly caught with the cocaine.

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Mr Broadbridge told Seven’s Sunday Night program he believes Sainsbury is innocent, despite the fact she lied to him about her work and her trip. He did not answer questions about her job as a prostitute during his stopover in Los Angeles.

Nine said Colombian authorities considered him a “person of interest” but he was allowed to leave the country.

Sainsbury’s mother told Nine she will always believe her daughter is “100 per cent innocent”.

Ms Evans and Khala Sainsbury arrived in Sydney from Colombia about 7am on Tuesday, bound for Adelaide.

A passenger on the international flight told AAP they stopped at the arrivals gate to let the pair out before they were ushered into a nearby first-aid room by airline staff and then to a Virgin Australia bus heading to the domestic terminal.